Like a Black n' white film...

by - October 08, 2013

shorts : Pink woman
blouse : Pink woman
booties : Bozikis
Accesries : All H&M
Bag : Topshop

   Hello everyone ! This is officially the first winter post ! This year it's like fall never came.. Just winter !
Anyway this season the black and white trend is sooo in I can't even deal! Though I like mostly white I have to admit that it is a very classy combiation and that I really enjoyed this look! Leather.... everything is also a huge trend ! So I choose these leather shorts and combined them with my white extravagant shoulders top (which I adore ! ) As for the rest of the look I went for mostly grey... I think it complimented the outfit and that's one of my fav peacoats ! The accesories also matched the black and white theme ! Bold colors are great.. but these colors just give you this classy and high-end fashion look which I adore ! You will be seeing a lot of this craze, that's a fact !! D-tail : If you check the necklace u'll find the little silver crown that's on it.. I'm kinda obssesed with crowns ? Do you think that's weird or what? Let me know :P Or maybe I'm just a natural born queen-yeahhh right- hahah Anyways whatever you do until the next post don't forget to check this look on lookbook : and keep havin' the time of yourlives while experimenting with new styles and trends

xo xo
Marina Fashionista 

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  1. nice look! kisses