by - March 18, 2017

Hello Little Bites! A few weeks ago, Marina and I did a photoshoot for the launching of our new blog's design. We collaborated for the second time with the talented photographer Vasilis Nikolopoulos. You can find him here : FACEBOOK PAGE , INSTAGRAMI would appreciate if you follow me on instagram for more photos (@missminthewonderland). Have fun and I'm waiting for your opinions! Kisses :)

"Denim Decos" is a brand based in United Kingdom and was created by Lynne Currie. It is selling uniquely created enbellished upcycled denim jackets and shirts. Lynne, has always loved making clothes, and recycling preloved garments, seeing how she can change/update/modify a standard item of clothing to make it more exciting and individual. She particularly loves denim as it lends itself to many different looks, both casual and dressy. She believes that it goes with everything in your wardrobe and never goes out of fashion. Lynne is a natural hoarder of fabric remnants, haberdashery, jewelry, beads and anything that sparkles so decided to put both these passions together and create one off funky and fashionable jackets and shirts. I picked my favorite items from her shop and you can see them all in my wishlist below. Enjoy and don't forget to check her shop for more  items! ;)


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