I'm ''cape''able of fighting demons in the forest

by - November 06, 2013

Shoes : Bozikis
Cape : Angel Fashion
Pants : Pull & Bear

Ring : Bershka
Bag : Macgio

  Hello Gorgeous people

 This time I was attending the premiere of the greek rock opera ''Daimones'' aka demons! It was a fantastic show and I really enjoyed it.. The age that the opera took place was the medieval era, so I kinda dressed the part. I also made a halloween costume inspired by the play (you can see it at our fb page)!

  I used a cape, which is a key to the medieval feeling I was trying to achieve. It's also warm, stylish and oversized outwear is so in right now, I also loved the details of it. The shirt had those strings instead of buttons which really matched the whole theme and I also chose those snakeprint skinny pants. As the for the heels I went for brown chunky heeled ankle boots!

  The accesorizing had to be minimalistic because the whole outfit was too much.. So I just wore some gold earrings and a double snake(matchy matchy with the pants!) ring!

  The photoshoot took place at the national garden which is downtown(? !) as you can see! What a perfect setting for a middle ages kinda shoot right? Don't forget to hype us on lookbook : http://lookbook.nu/look/5531336-Bozikis-Shoes-Pull-Bear-Pants-Makgio-Bag-Angel

 Have fun everyone
 xo xo
 Marina Fashionista 

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