Fashion Goodies :You can go ''Oversized'' or you can go home..

by - October 10, 2012

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Oversize! Big! Huge! Wow! Everything big sized is in for this season! The bigger the better! Huge coats,oversized trousers,eccentric collars,big dresses and skirts! Whatever that your figure can be swamp in it!
You know the rule about the clothes that shoud really fit perfectly on your body! Well... for this year... Simply forget it! Go big! As big designers did! But... Be very careful.. With these garments it's really easy for ou to look from like you are wearin' a fashion crown... into a fashion don't clown!
So here are some safe tips for you to rock this trend!
No 1. Always wear somethin' skinny with an oversized garment! you know to give some balance to your outfit!
No 2. Try to avoid accesories in order to make the oversized garment to stand out beautifuly and you not to look (well..) like a circus!
No 3.If you think you have gone too far just wear a belt or somethin' to creat a balance! Oh! and one size up is always the best for these type of clothing
No 4.Last but not least! You better pair your oversized look with some heels.. When it comes to oversized the taller and the slimmer the better and heels do the trick!
So have fun be creative and remember! Big is Cool!
Marina Fashionista

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