Fashion goodies: ''Lift me up''

by - October 14, 2012

Another trend that has gone huge(and it is !) is the platform sneacker!!! You'll find them pretty much everywhere! mostly by converse! They will make your look hipstery and fun! They come in a variety of shapes,coloures,textures! Sequined,studed,laced but all with a huge platform! Makes you taller and much more fun!!! When it comes to this shoe(which goes along with another huge trend the ''oversized''.) the accesorizing must be minimal or you'll end up lookin' like a clown!So beware! They are not for everyone and I have to admit that my feelings are kinda mixed about this.. But I think that with the right setting they can look good! I mean they are our classic fav sneakers witha really big!! twist! I love the colours as well! Play around in them cause they also seem really comfy!
It seems that for this season BIG is in!!! So go Big,go bold! and have fun guurls(n' some guys perhaps! ? )
Marina Fashionista

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