Fashion goodies: Mint my mind..

by - July 09, 2012

                                                       Diane von Furstenberg,Vera Wang,Tibi
                                                                  Mark Jakobs,Proenza Schouler


The colour mint is all about freshness! It's here as the new trend for spring/summer 2012 o give ur outfits a whole new twist! Somehow it manages to turn even the most plain outfit into something unique! U can find it in bags,shoes,tops,shorts,dresses,accesories everywhere! It's a pastel colour but it's here to make a stament! And also without a dought it also add some class to ur look! After all yes.. It is a classy colour and that's why we simply adore it! Adding mint pieces to ur outfit will really enlighten you! I don't know why but this colour makes you feel! good! So yeah! give it a try fashion people!
Marina Fashionista

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