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Hello Little Bites! I dyed my hair in the beginning of this month, in the end everything was fine. I wanted to remove the brassiness from my hair and that's when I ended with one blue lock of hair (haha), but this fact doesn't bother me at all, I am trendy now, right? :P Don't forget to follow me on instagram for more photos (@missminthewonderland)Have fun and I'm waiting for your opinions! Kisses :)

I am so excited to announce you my collaboration with my favourite brand BAZZ...R. I have mentioned in my previous posts, that it has kilo shops with a variety of beautiful clothes for every taste, body shape and age. It is the biggest kilo brand in the Greece! There are 9 spots in total, where you can find these clothes. Each of them is over 300 sq.m and not only sells women clothing, but also clothing for men and kids ;) What I like most about it is that there are very low prices and everyday you can find over 1500 new items. So, the past Saturday I decided to visit BAZZ...R shop in Kalithea (region of Attiki), to pick some stylish pieces, like the coat I'm wearing. I was really happy about the fact that I found so many great items and that the staff was super polite. In my next posts, you will see what else I chose from there, so don't miss any of them :D 

Είμαι τόσο ενθουσιασμένη για τη συνεργασία μου με την αγαπημένη μου εταιρεία BAZZ...R. Όπως είχα αναφέρει στα προηγούμενα post μου, έχει καταστήματα που πουλάνε ρούχα με το κιλό σε μεγάλη ποικιλία για κάθε γούστο, τύπο σώματος και ηλικία. Είναι η μεγαλύτερη αλυσίδα στην Ελλάδα που πουλάει ρούχα με το κιλό ! Υπάρχουν συνολικά 9 καταστήματα όπου μπορείτε να βρείτε τα ρούχα της. Κάθε ένα από αυτά είναι πάνω από 300 τ. μ. και δε πουλάει μόνο γυναικεία ρούχα, αλλά επίσης ανδρικό και παιδικό ένδυμα ;) Αυτό που μου αρέσει περισσότερο είναι ότι υπάρχουν πολύ χαμηλές τιμές και κάθε μέρα μπορείς να βρεις πάνω από 1500 καινούρια πράγματα. Οπότε, το περασμένο Σάββατο αποφάσισα να επισκεφτώ το BAZZ...R κατάστημα στη Καλλιθέα (περιοχή της Αττικής), για να διαλέξω μοδάτα κομμάτια, όπως το παλτό που φοράω. Ήμουν πολύ χαρούμενη για το γεγονός ότι βρήκα πολύ ωραία ρούχα και ότι το προσωπικό ήταν πολύ ευγενικό. Στα επόμενα post μου, θα δείτε τι άλλο έχω διαλέξει από εκεί, οπότε μη χάσετε κανένα από αυτά :D

After the wishlist I did in January for a really nice greek brand called Be Woolen, which has handmade women knits in the delicate bright side, Fenia decided to sent me my favourite olive scarf from her collection. I want to let you know about the story of this shop. All started in the beginning of 2015, when Fenia, the creator of the brand, stayed at the hospital for four weeks, because her mother was having a major heart surgery. So Fenia had to do something to pass the time. That was when she decided to get back to her long forgotten needles and start knitting after 7 years. Time passed creatively, her mother came out of it and Be Woolen "was born"  and became her bright side, her positive energy. The woman who wears Be Woolen is a natural born free spirit, sexy yet innocent, passionate dreamer and endless traveller. Don't forget to take a look at this shop to find more sweaters, cowls wraps & scarves, hats, beanies, shawls, ponchos, patterns, tops ,tanks, barefoot sandals, crochet baskets for home.  :)

This brand comes straight from USA and the owner of it is Bailey Daniels. She loves knitting and has always enjoyed creating new things and seeing something come out of what seems like nothing. Knitting is like her own personal glimpse of God's work during creation. So she started Through All Things to share what she loves and to spread the love she puts into each stitch of what I knit. I picked a green scarf and I totally loved it! :D You can also find there socks, baby items, winter head wear and wrist warmers!

Lovina began dreaming and designing in Los Angeles, where as an only child, entertaining herself was the only option. A hankering for adventure led Lovina to set up a shop called Lovina Laser Studio in sunny Hollywood, CA. She began designing and creating art prints, phone covers, and other accessories. Today, the brand is independent and offers you quality products and unique designs. Lovina Cases loves creating interesting images that highlight your personality, and with that it decided that phone cases were that perfect accessory. I chose this cute phone case full of palm leaves from there :) Take a look and you will find floral cases, mandala cases, animal cases, food cases, sea theme cases, custom / personalized, text cases, wood cases, cork cases, metal cases and misc phone cases for your iPhone or Samsung device. ;)

In today's post I want to show my wishlist, which inludes pieces from a vintage brand called Oriental Vintage 88. It is a British shop, which sells Japanese Vintage Kimonos, Obi, Haori & Yukata. Silver Flower (YinHua), the owner, loves framing Oriental silk fabrics with magnificent patterns and display them on the wall. It was in 2012, when she decided to open a Oriental Vintage shop online for those people who also have so much passion on silk fabric - clothing, and of course to keep her husband's collection under control. If there is anything you particularly want don't hesitate to contact her and she will see if she can get it for you. You can also find there belts, obi's, obijimes, handbags, kimono bags and kimono accessories. :)


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