Marina in wonderland !

by - August 03, 2013

                                                         Blouse : H&M
                                                         Skirt : ZARA
                                                        Sunglasses : Accesorize
                                                       Necklace : H&M
                                                        Ring : Lambrakis accesories
                                                      Earrings : H&M
                                                  Nail polish : French manicure white by Lovie

                                                              Kifisia's Garden !

This look seriously made me feel like Alice in wonderland! Maybe it was the fact that I was wandering around to this great garden , The wonderful weather or the girlish outfit! I combined a striped blue shirt (as u know I am obssesed with them lately! ) with a high- wasted (remember high wasted makes ur waist stand out! ) , denim pleated skirt! I mean how girlier can u get right?  I chose mostly white accesories to make it look super summery.. Oh how I love summer! I also I think blue n' white is a great colour combo ( greecian too! ) n' it matches perfectly with my ombre hair! What's not to love there right... I also chose wedges again! I'm in love with them.. Comfy n' feminine... What more could I ask??  You can find the look on lookbook here :

Always have fun , play around with style , Live ur life to the fullest!
xo xo
Marina Fashionista

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